Mizuno Northern Lights 11-1 Team is proud to present:
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Position: DS Reach: 72"
Height: 58" Block Jump: 81"
Grad. Year: 2017 Approach Jump: 88"
High School: Waterville-Elysian-Morristown
Current GPA: Class Rank:
ACT/SAT: / Hand: Right
School accomplishments:
Junior Club Experience:
  • My experience was making new friends. Ever since I started playing for Northern Lights I have made so many great friends and I really enjoy getting to play volleyball with them!
    Future Interests:
  • When I get older I would like to be a professional volleyball player.
  • If I can't be a professional volleyball player I would like to be a teacher.
    Other Hobbies, Interests, Etc...
  • I love to play basketball and ice skate. I have also been in two ice skating shows in the past few years. The two shows were Grease and Nemo.
  • I love to sing and listen to music.
  • I love to China paint with my Grandma.
  • In my spare time I like to read.
    My Favorite Volleyball Moment:
     My favorite volleyball moment was when I made the 11-1s team. I never really thought that I'd play for the Northern Lights. When I made the team I went up to my Mom and gave her a big hug. I couldn't believe that I had made the team and was very proud!! It was such an amazing moment!
    For more information call Northern Lights Juniors at 952-808-0110.