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The #1 Elite Junior Volleyball Training Program in Minnesota

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Pictures taken this entire year are now posted on our new photo website by CrossCourt Images

2015 Spring Youth Clinics

Northern Lights Spring Youth Clinics are open to girls ages 9-12 (grades 4-6). These clinics are on Friday nights from 7:30 - 9:00 pm. Five sessions and one tournament date are included in the price. They are an excellent way for young players to learn more about volleyball and Northern Lights Training. Registration is open for Spring Youth Clinic sessions.

NL wins 6 divisions & places 2nd or 3rd in 6 divisions of the Omaha President's Day Tournament

Congratulations to the Northern Lights 18-2 team for winning the 18 Cub Division of the Omaha President's Day tournament. The 18-2's defeated Club One in the finals.

Congratulations to the Northern Lights 17-2 team for winning the 17 Club Division of the Omaha President's Day tournament. The 17-2's defeated Conway Jrs in the finals.

Congratulations to the Northern Lights 16-1 team for winning the 16 Open Division of the Omaha President's Day tournament. The 16-1's defeated KC Power in the finals.

Congratulations to the Northern Lights 15-1 team for winning the 15 Open Division of the Omaha President's Day tournament. The 15-1's defeated Nebraska Impact in the finals.

Congratulations to the Northern Lights 15-2 team for winning the 15 Club Division of the Omaha President's Day tournament. The 15-2's played and defeated Nebraska One in the finals (who they had previously lost to earlier in the tournament.)

Congratulations to the Northern Lights 14-1 team for winning the 14 Open Division of the Omaha President's Day tournament. They defeated Topeka Impact in the finals.

Congratulations to the Northern Lights 16-Black team who finished 2nd in their division, and to the 18-1, 17-1, 14-2, 13-1, & 12-1's who all finished 3rd in their divisions.

Northern Lights placed 17 of it's 25 teams into the Gold Brackets of the tournament. This was an excellent showing for all Northern Lights teams!

Team Finish Division
18-1 3rd (Gold Bracket) 18 Open
18-2 1st (Gold Bracket) 18 Club
18-Black 13th 18 Club
18-Red 13th 18 Club
17-1 3rd (Gold Bracket) 17 Open
17-2 1st (Gold Bracket) 17 Club
17-Black 5th 17 Club
17-Red 17th 17 Club
16-1 1st (Gold Bracket) 16 Open
16-2 7th 16 Open
16-Black 2nd (Gold Bracket) 16 Club
16-Red 9th (Gold Bracket) 16 Club
16-White 31st 16 Club
16-Zinc 5th (Gold Bracket) 16 Club
15-1 1st (Gold Bracket) 15 Open
15-2 1st (Gold Bracket) 15 Club
15-Black 5th (Gold Bracket) 15 Club
15-Red 9th (Gold Bracket) 15 Club
15-White 26th 15 Club
14-1 1st (Gold Bracket) 14 Open
14-2 3rd (Gold Bracket) 14 Club
14-Black 9th (Gold Bracket) 14 Club
13-1 3rd (Gold Bracket) 13 Club
13-2 13th 13 Club
12-1 3rd (Gold Bracket) 12 Club

Local Minneapolis President's Day Tournament

Northern Lights had 8 of our younger teams in the local Presidents Day tournament, and placed 2 of those teams in the Gold Brackets.

Congratulations to the Northern Lights 12-2 team for winning the 12's Division of the NCR President's Day Tournament.

Congratulations to the Northern Lights 13-Black team for placing 2nd in 13's Division of the NCR President's Day Tournament.

All of the teams participated in the highest divisions of this local event.

Team Finish
10-1 45th
11-1 14th
12-2 1st (Gold Bracket)
12-Black 9th
13-Black 2nd (Gold Bracket)
13-Red 6th
14-Red 13th
14-White 13th



Congratulations to our January Thaw Champions

Congratulations to these teams for winning their respected club divisions at the January Thaw:  15-2s, 13-1s, and 12-1s.  All of the teams did great, and you can check all of the final results at TM2Sign.com .

Team Finish Division
18-1 4th (Gold Bracket) 18's
18-2 2nd (Gold Bracket) 18's
18-Black 9th 18's
18-Red 17th 18's
17-1 3rd (18's Gold Bracket) 18's
17-2 5th (18's Gold Bracket) 18's
17-Black 5th (Gold Bracket) 17's
17-Red 3rd (Gold Bracket) 17's
16-1 10th 18's
16-2 3rd (17's Gold Bracket) 17's
16-Black 2nd (Gold Bracket) 16's
16-Red 5th (Gold Bracket) 16's
16-White 11th 16's
16-Zinc 3rd (Gold Bracket) 16's
15-1 3rd (Gold Bracket) 15's
15-2 1st (Gold Bracket) 15's
15-Black 5th (Gold Bracket) 15's
15-Red 5th (Gold Bracket) 15's
15-White 9th (Gold Bracket) 15's
14-1 2nd (15's Gold Bracket) 15's
14-2 5th (15's Gold Bracket) 15's
14-Black 3rd (Gold Bracket) 14's
14-Red 5th (Gold Bracket) 14's
14-White 11th 14's
13-1 1st (Gold Bracket) 13's
13-2 3rd (Gold Bracket) 13's
13-Black 4th (Gold Bracket) 13's
13-Red 5th (Gold Bracket) 13's
12-1 1st (Gold Bracket) 13's
12-2 2nd (Gold Bracket) 12's
12-Black 3rd (Gold Bracket) 12's
11-1 4th (Gold Bracket) 12's
10-1 12th 12's

December 16-23, 2014 Northern Lights Amsterdam Trip

From December 16-23 Northern Lights will be in Amsterdam Netherlands playing in a Christmas tournament with our 16-2 team.

Holiday 4's Playdate

All Northern Lights alumni who graduated from the club as seniors are invited to attend our annual Holiday 4's playdate on Saturday December 27, from 6-8pm.

Its a great time to see some of your former Northern Lights teammates, and also a chance to meet and play with our current players.

Current players and staff are welcome to come and work off those Christmas Dinners!

We look forward to seeing you!

Northern Lights Tryouts completed and a new season is underway!

Congratulations the 335 players who were selected to play for one the Northern Lights 33 teams this year. We are looking forward to a great season with all of you.

Congratulations to Samantha Swenson, 2014 Baden Ms. Volleyball

Congratulations to Samantha Swenson who was selected by the MN Coaches Association as the 2014 Ms. Volleyball. Samantha plays for Hopkins High School. Last year she played for NL 18-1 and will be heading to college at the U of M this winter.

November 5, 2014 - Congratulations to "All State" Players

Northern Lights would like to extend our congratulations to all of the High School Players in Minnesota who were selected for the MN Coaches Association All State teams. 15 players from Northern Lights were at the banquet and received their award, they are:

Payton Nutter Bethleham Academy Class A - All State
Hannah Angeli Hill Murray Class AA - All State
Erin Fallert Concordia Class AA - All State
Makenzie Henne Jordan Class AA - All State
Brittany Luethmers Prior Lake Class AAA - All State
Lauren Mattison Eden Prairie Class AAA - All State
Brittany McLean Rosemount Class AAA - All State
Elizabeth Mohr Eden Prairie Class AAA - All State
Callie Schapekahm Eagan Class AAA - All State
Lara Schultz Prior Lake Class AAA - All State
Samantha Swenson Hopkins Class AAA - All State
Jessica Wolf Waconia Class AAA - All State
Haley Kauth Roseville Class AAA - Honorable Mention
Jasmyn Martin Hopkins Class AAA - Honorable Mention
Jade Tingelhoff Lakeville South Class AAA - Honorable Mention

November 5, 2014 - Congrats to Star Tribune & Pioneer Press "All Metro" Players

Minneapolis Star Tribune 2014 Metro Volleyball Player of Year.

Samantha Swenson

Northern Lights would also like to extend our congratulations to the 14 Northern Lights Players who were selected to either the Star Tribune All Metro Teams and/or the Pioneer Press All Metro teams.

Brie Orr Eagan Star Tribune & Pioneer Press
Callie Schapekahm Eagan Star Tribune & Pioneer Press
Ashley Bruegemann Eden Prairie Star Tribune
Abby Ihrke Eden Prairie Star Tribune
Elizabeth Mohr Eden Prairie Star Tribune
Samantha Swenson Hopkins Star Tribune
Jade Tingelhoff Lakeville South Pioneer Press
Brittany Luethmers Prior Lake Star Tribune
Lara Schultz Prior Lake Star Tribune
Brittany McLean Rosemount Star Tribune & Pioneer Press
Hailey Kauth Roseville Star Tribune
Breanna Maloney Roseville Pioneer Press
Lauryn Sobasky St. Croix Lutheran Pioneer Press
Jessica Wolf Waconia Star Tribune

November 2, 2014 - Congratulations to State Tournament Participants

Northern Lights would like to congratulate the 24 players from the club who qualified for the Minnesota High School State Tournament. Have a great tournament!

Mary Campbell Bethlehem Academy
Mikayla Grossman Bethlehem Academy
Payton Nutter Bethlehem Academy
Claire Sheehan Cambridge-Isanti
Jenae Alderson Champlin Park
Erin Fallert Concordia Academy
Alyssa Doucette Eagan
McKenna Melville Eagan
Ally Murphy Eagan
Brooke Olstad Eagan
Taylor Olstad Eagan
Brie Orr Eagan
Callie Schapekahm Eagan
Anne Wong Eagan
Ashley Brueggeman Eden Prairie
Paige Brueggeman Eden Prairie
Aulora Campbell Eden Prairie
Abby Ihrke Eden Prairie
Lauren Mattison Eden Prairie
Elizabeth Mohr Eden Prairie
Grace Persson Eden Prairie
Haley Kauth Roseville
Bre Maloney Roseville
Ginger Perra Roseville