HoloGear™ Women's Holographic Volleyball Hoodie

Stock # SSHOLO.90

The HoloGear™ Holographic Volleyball Hoodie is HoloGear's best-selling hoodie yet, featuring their signature volleyball design made with premium anti-wrinkle/shrink material combined with our holographic technology. Ball out in style.. 

HoloGear™ aims to get people ACTIVE with new ways to play sports you already love. You and your friends or teammates can keep practicing when the sun goes down! 

  • Glows Holographically in Flash Videos & Pictures
  • Anti-Shrink/Wrinkle Moisture Wicking Fabric
  • True to Size
  • 100% Polyester Cutter Layer 
  • Comfortable Soft Fleece Inner Lining
  • Create Eye-Catching Social Media Content

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