Park & Sun Spiker Pro Outdoor Net System

Stock # NETSYS4

Offers great playing performance for a recreational volleyball net system. Quality components and easy set-up gives you more time for to play.

Compact, 3-piece hybrid pole design with an aluminum top that allows you to easily change playing height by telescoping. A sturdy base with a steel center & base that are swedged for easy assembly.

Double guyline set with pull-down Wish Bone tensioner allows for quick "in-game" net tensioning adjustments and is anchored with 10” steel ground stakes.

Don’t worry whether the ball is “in or out” as the set includes a pre-measured boundary for standard court dimensions of 60’ L x 30’ W.

  • Complete set-up with an 18 panel, machinestitched Soft Touch volleyball and hand pump.
  • Full size carrying bag with zipper and carrying straps.
  • Hybird aluminum & steel telescoping poles with push-button lock
  • Original Sleeve, slip-on, volleyball net
  •  Pull Down guyline system

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