Ultra Zoom Ankle Brace


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The only ankle brace built for performance— you’ll play better and play more, losing less time to injuries with the Ultra Zoom. The Performathane® soft shell forms to you, allowing your ankle to move in all the natural ways while helping to prevent any excessive movement that may cause an injury. The Ultra Zoom is on your ankle in seconds, protects continuously for hours and lasts for multiple seasons.

Who Should Wear the Ultra Zoom?

  • Athletes who play sports with high incidence of ankle injuries, such as volleyball, basketball, football, soccer, lacrosse, field hockey and others.
  • Athletes who dislike the old style corset lace-up (tie-up) style supports that restrict ankle range of motion and lose support rapidly.
  • Individuals who require slightly more ankle support for their day-to-day activities

The Best Shoes to Wear with the Ultra Zoom

  • Recommended: Low-top sneakers that have a traditional tongue and laces where you can loosen the laces enough to fit the brace in the shoe.
  • Not Recommended: Sneakers that have a sleeve or collar design that limit the opening of the shoe. Due to their limiting design, it is very difficult to insert any ankle braces in these shoes.
  • Not Recommended: Tall boots or sandals.


Your brace size is different from your shoe size because it’s based on your ankle circumference. See size chart to determine your correct size.


Measure around your ankle with a tape measure as shown in the photo and then reference the size chart to the right. If your ankle is measuring right at 14″ then we would recommend going with the smaller size.






10.5" – 14"

26.5cm – 35.5cm


14" – 16"

35.5cm – 40.5cm


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