Wilson K1 Silver Ball


The Wilson K1 Silver taps the laws of physics to put the game back in the player’s hands. New power lining technology transforms the ball’s kinetic energy into game-changing momentum for players to strike the right balance of power and control.


  • Command lining enables players to evoke more power and velocity through the transfer of kinetic energy, enabling stronger kills.
  • Leather cover and lining combination enables control to improve directional changes all over the court.
  • Durable leather cover to last during intense training along with maintaining consistent performance during game play.
  • Designed to keep players from holding back, so that they can play to their potential with every touch.
  • Softer feel for younger players.


Ball Cover Construction Composite Leather
Ball Playing Surface Indoor
Ball Size Official
Approved By NFHS

Colors:  White, Red/Navy, Black

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  • WTH1895B